Anthony Crescenzo

This American Comedian has been entertaining The United States since 2005. Anthony has been in the Feature Films BULLET POINT, KINKY KONG, and PIRATE DOGS; featured on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT and THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW; and is a regular voice for I-HEART- RADIO and CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS radio stations all over The United States of America.

Anthony Crescenzo began his career as a stand-up comedian in 2005. Since then this New Jersey native is one of the hardest working comedians on the comedy scene. Making a strong name for himself working at top comedy clubs in the country including Comic Strip Live, Gotham Comedy Club and The New York Comedy Club, to name a few. In his time Anthony has appeared on multiple TV shows, including MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT and THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW.

Anthony’s material is a mix of hilariously relatable social commentary and equally hilarious self-analysis. In 2013, Anthony became the preferred MC for the Comedy Cove. In 2014, He because the preferred MC and house headliner for the Pulpit in the Bronx. In 2015, he acquired a residency at a youth hostel in New York City.

He has been featured in multiple viral videos, and produced HOT CHICKS, ME E NONNA, and MOHAWK. You can also find many independent shorts from him via his INSTAGRAM page.